Terms & Conditions

All information received by us from your use of Advanced AnalytIQ will be used by Advanced AnalytIQ by our Privacy Policy. Please read this for details of how we may process your data.

On registration, you must provide Advanced AnalytIQ with accurate, complete registration information and it is your responsibility to update and maintain changes to that information on the applicable Advanced AnalytIQ registration or subscription pages. Advanced AnalytIQ is entitled to rely on any information you provide to us.

Each registration is for a single user only. On registration, you will choose a user name and password (“ID”). The email address that you provide on registration must correspond to a named email account and not a generic or shared email account. You are not allowed to share your ID or give access to Advanced AnalytIQ Content through your ID to anyone else. Advanced AnalytIQ does not allow multiple users on a network or within an organization to use the same ID. Advanced AnalytIQ may cancel or suspend your access to Advanced AnalytIQ if you share your ID without further obligation to you. You may not create additional registration or subscription accounts for the benefit of others or to avoid our use of IDs to control access to and use of Advanced AnalytIQ.

You are responsible for all use of Advanced AnalytIQ made by you or anyone else using your ID and for preventing unauthorized use of your ID. If you believe there has been any breach of security such as the disclosure, the Advanced AnalytIQ or unauthorized use of your ID or any payment information, you must notify Advanced AnalytIQ immediately by e-mailing us. We recommend that you do not select an obvious user password (such as your name) and that you change it regularly.

If you provide Advanced AnalytIQ with an email address that will result in any messages Advanced AnalytIQ may send you being sent to you via a network or device operated or owned by a third party (e.g. your employer or colleague) then you promise that you are entitled to receive those messages. You also agree that Advanced AnalytIQ may stop sending messages to you without notifying you.

If you are a registered user of or subscriber to Advanced AnalytIQ then you may choose to use Advanced AnalytIQ’s “Remember me” log-in feature that enables you to be logged in automatically to Advanced AnalytIQ whenever you visit Us without having to manually log in each time. We recommend that you do not enable this feature on any computer that is or may be used by anyone other than you to prevent unauthorized access by third parties to both your subscription details and features of Advanced AnalytIQ personal to you.

These terms and condition can be replaced and they will be published on the website as it gets changed.